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In 1891 Frederik Philips and his son Gerard started a small company that manufactures carbon filament lamps in a textile factory on the Emmasingel. Company Philips & Co. The business is growing explosively and is spreading across the street. In the years 1909 – 1911 the western L-shaped part of the current Light Tower complex was build.

In the period 1891 – 1921, the factory was extended along the track, with a bend to the current Emmasingel. A heptagonal tower was build at the top, where incandescent lamp life tests were carried out continuously: the actual Light Tower. The Light Tower is a special building, certainly also in an architectural and historical sense. The functionality and efficiency, use of concrete, glass and metal make it an example of New Objectivity. Honest, sincere and going back to the essence of building.

It is a beautiful location.